State Intelligence Command
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This computer system is the property of NSW Police. No person is allowed access other than for a lawful purpose. Your access is being monitored to ensure it is lawful.

The system contains personal, confidential and sensitive information. All personal information is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). Other data on the system may be protected by law or public interest immunity. Data on the system must NOT be disclosed to unauthorised persons and you are NOT authorised to access it for personal, demonstration or training reasons.

Unauthorised access, corrupt disclosure, unlawful use of personal information or offering to supply personal information carry criminal sanctions, ranging from a fine, imprisonment or both together with probable dismissal or managerial action if you are employed by NSW Police.

If you proceed to use this system, you acknowledge this warning and conditions. LOG OFF, if you do not accept them.

Developed and maintained by State Intelligence Command and DTI.
Last update: February 09 2022
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